Job Search Agency


  • What is a Job Search Agency (JSA)

    JSA providers are contracted by the Australian Government to provide employment services to eligible job seekers.

    Job Services Australia (JSA) is delivered by nearly 100 organisations to provide employment services to job seekers. JSA provides job seekers with flexible and tailored support to assist them to obtain employment, with a particular focus on the needs of the most disadvantaged job seekers.

  • What do JSA's offer?

    If you’re an eligible jobseeker, you will be put in contact with a JSA provider through the Department of Human Services (DHS) (Centrelink).

    Some job seekers may require more intensive support and assistance …. <practical stuff>

    You are able to choose your own JSA provider. DHS will provide you with information help you make a decision.

  • Can I get training through a JSA?

    Before referring you to any training, your JSA provider will need to decide that training is in your best interests and identify a suitable course and RTO that meets your interests, abilities and local employment opportunities. Your JSA provider will work with any relevant RTO’s to see if you are eligible for any funded places.

    JSA providers will contact the RTO to see how many places are available, whether you are eligible to take the training, how much the training will cost and any extra support you might need to successfully complete your training.

    Your JSA provider will work with the RTO until you complete your training.

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