Apprenticeship or Trades Assistant.

A concreter’s job is to pour, place, spread, compress, finish, and cure concrete for buildings and other structures (like floors, stairs, ramps, footpaths, bridges) – by using hand tools and automated machinery.

A concreter usually works outside on construction sites that are typically dusty and noisy environments. A concreter spends most of their time standing or kneeling and may also have to work at heights or underground in tunnels. Usually, a concreter travels from job to job and normally begins work very early in the morning.


White Card Asbestos Cert. Drivers Licence High Risk Work 18 years +
Concreter yes yes no no no
To be a Concreter you need to enjoy outdoor, practical work and be physically fit. You also need to be able to work at heights on scaffolding or on ladders.

Additional Personal Requirements

  • good hand-eye coordination,
  • able to learn how to work from plans,
  • good health and stamina, and free from allergies to materials used,
  • able to work in a team.

Typical Duties

  • mix cement, gravel, sand and water to make concrete on the site,
  • move concrete into position using a concrete pump,
  • place concrete into the form work (usually temporary wood or steel molds) making sure that it is spread and leveled equally, then compacted using vibrators,
  • operate machines and trowels, then polish the concrete surface,
  • create different surface textures by tamping, shaping and smoothing the concrete exterior with a variety of hand tools,
  • mix and apply pigments when a colored surface is required, and
  • dig groundwork trenches in working in residential or small commercial projects.
All construction workers need a White Card and Asbestos Awareness Training to work on a construction site in the ACT.

Check with your RTO to see if you are eligible for an ACT Training Fund Authority Subsidy. This will reduce the cost of your training. Training will also vary from RTO to RTO.


RTO Hours + Costs White Card Asbestos
3 – 4 year apprenticeship / Trade Assistant 6 hours + < $500 4 hours + < $500
RTOs that deliver training for Concreter’s in the ACT:

Canberra Institute of Technology

Quality Training In Construction