Non-Slewing Mobile Crane

Greater than 3 tonnes capacity.

A non-slewing mobile crane is a powered, articulated mobile and/or locomotive crane with a boom or jib that is not capable of being slewed (turned or moved from position). An operator of this type of crane requires a high risk work licence and may only hoist goods or materials – not workers.


White Card Asbestos Cert. Drivers Licence High Risk Work 18 years +
Non-Slewing Crane Operator yes yes yes yes yes
To be a Non-Slewing Crane Operator you need to enjoy outdoor, practical work and be physically fit. You also need to be able to work at heights and have a good sense of balance. Workers should have good communication skills.
Typical Duties
  • accurately record and maintain information relating to crane operations,
  • communicate using whistles, hand signals and two-way radios,
  • assess ground conditions to confirm that the site is suitable (e.g. firm, level and safe) to operate crane,
  • safely operate crane and move loads along in cooperation with other workers,
  • apply risk assessment and hazard control strategies, with particular awareness of the risks associated with overhead powerlines/electrical cables, ground conditions, crane tipping and demolition sites,
  • use and interpret crane manufacturer’s specifications and data, including load charts so the crane can to be configured for the load.

All construction workers need a White Card and Asbestos Awareness Training to work on a construction site in the ACT.

Check with your RTO to see if you are eligible for an ACT Training Fund Authority Subsidy. This will reduce the cost of your training. Training will also vary from RTO to RTO.

RTO Hours + Costs White Card Asbestos
Minimum 40 hours + < $2,000 6 hours + < $500 4 hours + < $500
RTOs that deliver training for Non-Slewing Mobile Crane Operators in the ACT:

› Canberra Institute of Technology

› Creative Safety Initiatives