3 Types: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced.

Scaffolders work on platforms and handrails on building or industrial sites. They also construct and dismantle temporary structures such as stages, seating and catwalks. Scaffolding work may be casual or full-time. All scaffolders require a High Risk Licence to work on a construction site.


White Card Asbestos Cert. Drivers Licence High Risk Work 18 years +
Scaffolderyes yes no yes yes
To be a scaffolder you need to enjoy outdoor, practical work and be physically fit. You also need to be able to work as part of a team and follow precise directions. Scaffolders mostly work outdoors at a variety of locations and in all weather conditions except rain.

  Additional Personal Requirements
  • able to use hand tools,
  • have good hand-eye coordination, and
  • have a good sense of balance and be able to work at heights.
Typical Duties
  • Check what is required from drawings and written instructions, select materials and set ground levels,
  • fit steel pipes, support braces and clamps to form bases for scaffolds,
  • lift and position sections of scaffolding and bolt pipes together to build up scaffolding,
  • place planks over horizontal bars to create platforms,
  • check levels in scaffolding structures,
  • use prefabricated scaffolding when available, and
  • dismantle scaffolding at the completion of a job.
All construction workers need a White Card and Asbestos Awareness Training to work on a construction site in the ACT.
RTO Hours + Costs White Card Asbestos
Check with your RTO 6 hours + < $500 4 hours + < $500

The cost of training may be reduced subject to ACT Training Fund Authority subsidy, please check with your RTO.

RTOs that deliver training for Scaffolding in the ACT:

Canberra Institute of Technology

Creative Safety Initiatives

Southern Training Organisation