Steel Fixer

Steel Fixers determine the size, shape, quantity and location of concrete reinforcing metal according to drawings or verbal instructions. They measure, cut, bend and fit welded wire mesh into concrete areas to be reinforced.

Steel fixers are mainly employed in the industrial/commercial sectors of the building industry on construction sites. They may also work in precast-concrete plants, as well as in areas of pre-stressing, post-stressing and tensioning, using hydraulic jacks and tensioning mechanisms.


White Card Asbestos Cert. Drivers Licence High Risk Work 18 years +
Steel Fixer yes yes no no no
To be a Steel Fixer you need to enjoy outdoor, practical work and be physically fit. You also need to be able to work at heights and as part of a team.
Typical Duties
  • read and interpret working plans and steel lists and set out the work from these instructions,
  • use bolt cutters, guillotines and power saws to make steel bars or mesh the required length,
  • assemble and place reinforcing bars or mesh into concrete by welding, wiring or clipping,
  • fabricate steel reinforcement to make beams, footing pads or special units,
  • join large sections of prefabricated units together (for high rise or civil projects), ready for concrete pours.
All construction workers need a White Card and Asbestos Awareness Training to work on a construction site in the ACT.

Check with your RTO to see if you are eligible for an ACT Training Fund Authority Subsidy. This will reduce the cost of your training. Training will also vary from RTO to RTO.


RTO Hours + Costs White Card Asbestos
No RTOs deliver training in ACT 6 hours + < $500 4 hours + < $500
No RTOs deliver training for Steel Fixing in the ACT