What we do

At CITC we aim to provide industry with the tools and information to ensure the highest levels of training and assessment resources are developed and delivered. We provide quality advice and assistance in policy planning and delivery, resource allocation and other relevant issues for the building and construction industry.

We are a member of several industry committees and undertake a range of projects.

Asbestos Awareness and Training Courses

The Asbestos Awareness Course was developed by the CITC and is nationally accredited program that provides participants with the knowledge and skills to identify and report on a wide range of asbestos materials. The CITC works closely with WorkSafe ACT on all matters pertaining to this course, additionally the CITC undertakes a formal Annual Audit on Each National RTO that is approved to deliver this course.

WH & S High Risk Licensing

We work closely with WorkSafe ACT to oversee and advise on all aspects of training and assessment for high risk licensing and other Regulatory Training Courses. Additionally we formally work with WorkSafe ACT on its Seminars and Industry Breakfast Events.


The CITC undertakes a range of Audits including:

*  Secure  Local Jobs Code Audits

*  RTO (Registered Industry Organisations) Compliance Audits on behalf of the ACT Building & Construction Industry Training Fund Authority (TFA), and individual RTOs, (registered Industry Organisations).

Industry Committee Representation

CITC is represented by its Executive Director, Vince Ball, on the following committees:

*  Member Australian Industry and Skills Committee

*  Chair ACTIVE/Tuggeranong Network RTO

Member  Building and Construction Regulatory Advisory Committee

Graduating Apprentice and Industry Encouragement Awards

These awards are held annually and present graduating apprentices with awards in several categories. The event is sponsored and supported by key industry partners.

Training Fund Authority Training Plan Survey

The aim of the Training Plan is to provide a policy framework for workers to access funding for training in a wide range of occupations in the building and construction industry.

The CITC undertake annual consultation with the construction industry to ascertain its training needs for the following year. The information is provided to the TFA (Training Fund Authority) for inclusion in the following year’s Training Plan.


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