Our Community Involvement

We are actively involved in a number of school-based programs to address long-term skills shortages and to introduce work opportunities and training to students.
Our programs provide a unique opportunity for students to gain real experience in the industry across a wide range of trades. We work with parents, students and teachers by holding career information sessions at schools and colleges as well as holding industry information sessions.
The CITC has been engaging with Palmerston Primary School for a number of years providing students with opportunities to engage with the construction industry.
Each year students select a ‘theme’ within the construction industry, examples include careers in construction, buildings, environmental design, and other construction topics that may be of interest to them. Participants do this as homework, and we invite tradespeople and professionals to speak with the students on the project that they have selected. Teachers select the top 10 students, and they present their project to a Panel of Judges. A winner is selected, and all students receive a Certificate recognising their achievement.
We also engage with all our High Schools and Colleges and support their activities with students seeking a career in the construction industry.
The CITC consults with all industry stakeholders on an annual basis to obtain their requirements for training so it can be formally considered in the ACT Building & Construction Industry Training Fund Authority (TFA) Annual Training Plan. 
Additionally, the CITC is often invited to speak with our general community and to a wide range of ACT businesses and sub-contractors offering advice on how and what is the appropriate available training to not only meet their WH&S obligations but also to improve their business.




Workplace discrimination is when someone treats you differently (not just meanly) at work based on a personal characteristic, such as being pregnant or being gay. For example, it would be discrimination if you were being made fun of just because you have a disability, or because you’re female. Learn more about discrimination and what you can do about it here.

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