The WorkSafe ACT Working in Heat Data Snapshot is out now.

WorkSafe ACT Senior Leadership Team and Responsibilities 

Bill Smith. Strategy, Compliance and Enforcement:  

Bill is the Senior Director of Strategy, Compliance and Enforcement. He is responsible for the WorkSafe ACT data, strategy and governance functions. Bill also leads the inspectorate teams who help educate and enforce general work health and safety, commercial and residential construction, workers’ compensation and labour hire licensing requirements and obligations to workers and workplaces in the ACT.  

Jackii Shepherd.  Specialist Operations, Capability and Communications: 

Jackii is the Senior Director of Specialist Operations, Capability and Communications. Jax is responsible for the WorkSafe ACT media, events and communication functions, and the quality assurance, coaching, and systems frameworks. This includes communicating the great work our organisation does, delivering public events, maintaining our case management and records management systems and training all of our Inspectors. Jax also looks after specialised Inspector teams for Occupational Hygiene, including dangerous goods, Psychosocial and Major Investigations.  

Robert Alford. Civil Construction, Regulatory Governance and Education:

Bob is the Senior Director of Civil Construction and Regulatory Governance and Education. He is responsible for our newly created Civil Construction team which oversees the major projects being built throughout the ACT. This includes the Light Rail project and the Woden CIT campus.  

Bob also looks after the regulatory governance and education section that oversees training courses provided by registered training organisations, provides training to industry on topics such as safe work method systems and looks after our internal governance that ensures we are a strong and consistent regulator.

Safety alert: Installation of solar panels

Working at heights is an integral part of installing roof trusses.

The WorkSafe ACT Occupational lung diseases data snapshot is out now.

Safety alert: Lead processes and lead risk work 

The WorkSafe ACT Compliance and Enforcement Data Snapshot for December is out now.

 Work Health and Safety: Tower crane Code of Practice that will be in force in the ACT from 22 September 2022.


The WorkSafe ACT Work-related sexual harassment data snapshot is out now.

Safety alert:

 Mandatory training of apprentices

Every worker must have the appropriate training to allow them to perform their job safely. 

1. General Construction Induction Card (White Card)   Building and Construction Induction 

2. Asbestos Awareness TrainingAsbestos Awareness Training

3. Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials (WSWACM)Required by: A list of occupations who require this training can be found on the WSWACM section of our website.

Silica Awareness Training

By 1 July 2023, all workers on a construction site will be required to complete Silica Awareness Training. For more information, see our Silica Dust webpage.

Apprentice training and supervision: Working at heights

Australian Apprentices are a valued part of the ACT’s economy and community. WorkSafe ACT has observed an increasing number of apprentices who have not received the correct induction and supervision and are being placed at risk of serious harm at the workplace.

Falls from height, even if they have not resulted in injury, are notifiable incidents and must be reported to WorkSafe ACT immediately. PCBUs can call WorkSafe ACT on 13 22 81, after hours on 0419 120 028 or email at to notify an incident. Notification can also be made using the online form available on the WorkSafe ACT website.

The prohibition on the uncontrolled mechanical cutting of material containing crystalline silica, under the WHS Amendment Regulation 2022 (the Amendment) is scheduled to come into effect on 14 July 2022.

This will only fully apply to engineered stone products.

Reforms outlined in the Silica Dust Reforms Action Plan for 2022 introduced mandatory silica awareness training for workers in high risk crystalline silica work.

For all other products and materials that contain silica, and until 17 October 2022, persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) are exempt from the application of section 418B (a) and 418C (b)(i).

All PCBUs continue to be expected to apply all reasonably practicable control measures when modifying materials containing silica, including where possible, wet methods.

For information about managing silica dust at the workplace, please visit the WorkSafe ACT website.

The WorkSafe ACT Psychosocial hazards Data Snapshot is out now.

This new data snapshot explores the prevalence and impact of psychosocial hazards. It includes both national and ACT data and shows just how serious the risks can be.

Work-Related Violence and Aggression data snapshot

The WorkSafe ACT Work-Related Violence and Aggression Data Snapshot is out now.

Safety alert: Moulds and indoor air-contaminants

WorkSafe ACT has recently observed significant black mould contamination at a Canberra workplace.


Falling from a ladder has been identified as one of the most common causes of injury. Every year, WorkSafe ACT receives serious incidents about workers falling from ladders.


Compliance and enforcement data is live now!

WorkSafe ACT is committed to keeping Canberrans safe and productive at work.


The 2021 Outstanding Graduating Apprentice and Encouragement Awards were held on Thursday 3rd February 2022. You can listen to Interviews (HERE)

WorkSafe ACT Launches new Young Workers Strategy

WorkSafe ACT is making sure young workers will be better protected against exploitation and injury through the development of the inaugural Young Workers Strategy 2021-2023.

Work-related mental health

Mental (psychological) health, just like physical health, is an important part of work health and safety (WHS). Understanding and managing risks in the workplace that may lead to physical or psychological injury creates a safe, healthy and productive workplace.

Mental health – WorkSafe ACT


On Friday 25th November 2022 the Members & Sponsors Luncheon was Held. Video on YouTube Linked.

The CITC Outstanding Graduating Apprentice Awards for 2020 was again held at the Hellenic Club of Canberra in October of the same year.

The 2022 Outstanding Graduating & Encouragement Apprentice Awards was Held at the Hellenic on 21st October 2022, being the 21st event. More than 360 guests attended the event.


The CITC Outstanding Graduating & Encouragement Apprentice Awards for 2021 were held at the Hellenic Club of Canberra on Thursday 3rd of February 2022, from 12 noon to 3.30pm. Once again the event was live streamed on You Tube.

The 2006 Award Recipients down the memory lane. Wonder where they all are 15 years later.

The 2011 Award Recipients 10 years ago


The Luncheon was held on Thursday, with great success. Some of the moments captured.

The 2022 Outstanding Graduating Apprentice and Industry Encouragement Awards were a great success. More than 360 attended.

Sophie-Luise Huddleston, Overall winner 2020 Outstanding Apprentice
CITC Building & Construction Industry Encouragement Awards
Mr Glenn Carter and Mr William Cleary OAM

More Notices

2022 funding

The Authority has budgeted $1,595,150 in 2022 for ACT GTOs, employers of Australian Apprentices under an ACT Contract of Training, ACT schools and colleges, and other stakeholders for its entry level training.
This is an expected 37% of the overall funding allocated for 2022 and will be used for specific programs such as:

  • annual Australian Apprenticeship funding to GTOs (ACT)
  • on-the-job training incentives for employers of apprentices in trades identified as having a skills shortage
  • Certificate I & II in Construction for students in ACT colleges
  • CITC – entry level support program.

The Luncheon was held on Friday 25th November 2022, with great success. Some of the moments captured.

The 2022 Outstanding Graduating Apprentice and Industry Encouragement Awards were a great success. More than 360 attended.

Sophie-Luise Huddleston, Overall winner 2020 Outstanding Apprentice
CITC Building & Construction Industry Encouragement Awards
Mr Glenn Carter and Mr William Cleary OAM

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